Josef Fares, writer and director of the critically acclaimed video game Brothers — A Tale of Two Sons, founded Hazelight together with its creative team. We're a studio built upon extensive experience from game development and film production. Hazelight focuses on story driven experiences and innovation to deliver titles that are highly original, yet elegant and mature.

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Hazelight is hard at work on our first game as a studio. We aim to take our craft further, and push the boundaries for interactive storytelling and engaging emotional experiences. So far we’ve only just scratched the surface.

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Of course we’re using UE4!

Today we can let you all know that we're building our new game with Unreal Engine 4. Since the core team of Hazelight built Brothers in Unreal Engine 3, going with the latest installment of the Unreal Engine for our new project felt natural.

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Hazelight takes the stage!

Josef Fares, the writer/director of the acclaimed game Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons has started Hazelight Studios, a new game development studio.

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We’re currently looking for the following positions:

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Get in touch with us either through the email address below, or on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you.


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