Of course we’re using UE4!


Today we can let you all know that we’re building our new game with Unreal Engine 4. Since the core team of Hazelight built Brothers in Unreal Engine 3, going with the latest installment of the Unreal Engine for our new project felt natural. It’s a great engine and even though the team hadn’t worked in UE4 before, we were up and running in no time.
Check out the press release by Epic, makers of Unreal Engine, here:


Hazelight takes the stage!

Josef Fares, the writer/director of the acclaimed game Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons has started Hazelight Studios, a new game development studio.

Production has just begun on the studio’s first game, an unannounced title in a completely new IP, to be published by Electronic Arts Inc. The world was introduced to Hazelight on stage at The Game Awards in Las Vegas on December 5th 2014, watch the full announcement video here:


A word from our publisher


Read what exciting things Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President of Electronic Arts, has to say about Hazelight in this blog post:



A new studio is born


This is the first day of Hazelight’s exciting journey. We’ve arrived at our new offices and the team is eager to have all our development equipment up and running. Everyone wants to start working on our new game as soon as possible.

We have a huge project ahead of us. But with such energy and enthusiasm in the team, it will be one to remember fondly. We can’t wait to take the gaming world by storm with a truly unique and emotional experience!